Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chill with the Redundancy

I'm a bit in awe of the uprising about the main event from Raw. Of course, I'm speaking of Miz/Cena vs. Gabriel/Slater. Why all the complaining? Were Gabriel and Slater jobbed to near irrelevance? Sure. Has the enemies-turned-team-turned-enemies been done to death? Absolutely. But the resulting ends definitely justified the means.

The belt has been on the Miz for a good few months now, yet Cena, at every turn, has treated him like a joke. On every confrontation the two have had prior the Elimination Chamber, Cena has guaranteed a victory on whomever the Miz's opponent has been, and basically wrote him out of 'Mania. What better way to make the Miz seem credible to this skeptical bowl of Fruity Pebbles than to win the pair the tag titles in single-handed fashion? And what better way to light a fire under the ass of this feud than to have Cena lose those belts a la SCF? These two played their parts perfectly, as Miz's smug attitude about his accomplishments seem more justified, and Cena's shocked expression after witnessing his partner winning the tag belts for him showcased his realization that he's been underestimating his WM opponent, which, in turn, completely validated the Miz being champion even more so than before. Besides, they lost the belts right away, so, that whole overdone enemies-turned-allies gimmick is already at rest.

As for the Corre, honestly, they haven't lost much out of the whole ordeal. First off, they're a new group, and though their dominance isn't even as much of a shadow that the Nexus carried, their inevitable build will carry a longevity with it that the original Nexus didn't have. 'Mania's prime goal is to elevate the hell out of their main events, their money draws. So, on this road towards it, the mid card suffers a bit. It's how the company's been run for years, so, this shouldn't have been a surprise to any. Look for the Corre to be showcased more at Atlanta, and their dominance to grow afterward.